Destinations for a Complete Maharashtra Experience

When you hear the word “Maharashtra,” images of the kilometer-long Marine Drive promenade and the front view of the Gothic Victorian Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus immediately come to mind. In Mumbai, the most populated city in Maharashtra, both are well-known landmarks. But the third-largest state in India has much more to offer. It has something […]

Explore Best Places To Visit In Meghalaya 

1. Cherrapunji As the most annual rainfall is predicted, Cherrapunji is one of the wettest places on earth. The Dain-Thlen, Kynrem, and Nohkalikai waterfalls, which are referred to be the well-known waterfalls of Cherrapunji, draw visitors from all over the world. The town is home to some of Meghalaya’s best waterfalls. Living-Root bridges, Mawsmai cave, […]

History of Maharashtra and Marathi

A simple but meaningful definition of who is a Marathi man by Acharya P.K. It was done by Atre. According to the Atriyas, the one who is followed by a piece of Tukoba is a true Marathi man! On the same footing, it can be said that there is a single Marathi person who has not heard the […]

Culture of Maharashtra – A Guide to Vibrant Marathi Culture!

Diversity comes naturally in this third-largest state by area and India’s second-most populous state.  Maharashtra can also be called the land of scholars, saints and actors as many people from Maharashtra have achieved success in the above mentioned fields. Maharashtra is known for its forward culture. ‘Maha’ means big and ‘Rashtra’ means nation. Maharashtra is indeed ‘Maha’ in […]

History of Maharashtra

Main article: History of Maharashtra, Maratha Empire, and See also United Maharashtra Movement: Chronology of the State of Maharashtra The Demabad Hoard, a late Harappan figure from the Indus Valley Civilization 2nd century BCE Karla Caves are a group of Buddhist caves near Lonavala Numerous late Harappan or Chalcolithic sites associated with the Jorve culture […]


Harashtra  ; Marathi:   ( hear ), abbr. MH  or  Maha is  a state in the western peninsular region of India covering most of the Deccan Plateau. It is the second most populous state in India and the second most populous country subdivision globally. It was formed on 1 May 1960 by partitioning the bilingual Bombay State. which existed since 1956, with majority Marathi-speaking Maharashtra […]

12 spellbinding places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

1. Patalpani Falls, Indore A must-see attraction for nature lovers and adventure seekers, the 300-feet high Talapani waterfall is a great spot for camping, trekking and picnicking. Locals believe that the depth  of the kunda reaches below the underground  level or Patala   . No matter how tempting the waterfall looks to take a dip, keep yourself away from getting into the […]

Madhya Pradesh Caves

Bhimbetka rock shelter The Bhimbetka rock shelter  is an archaeological site in central India spanning the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods as well as the historical period. It exhibits early traces of human life in India and evidence of the Stone Age of the Acheulean period.   It is located 45 kilometers (28 mi) south-east of Bhopal in the […]


Isolated remains of Homo erectus found at Hathanora in the Narmada basin indicate that the Madhya region may have been inhabited during the Middle Pleistocene era. [17] Colored pottery from the later medieval period has been found in the Bhimbetka rock shelter. Chalcolithic sites belonging to Kayatha culture (2100-1800 BCE) and Malwa culture (1700-1500 BCE) have been […]

Madhya Pradesh

State of Madhya Pradesh  , India. As its name suggests –  Madhya  means “centre” and  Pradesh  means “region” or “state” – it is situated in the heart of the country. The state has no coastline and no international borders.  It is surrounded by the states of Uttar Pradesh on the northeast, Chhattisgarh on the southeast, Maharashtra on the south, Gujarat on the […]

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