Explore Best Places To Visit In Meghalaya 

1. Cherrapunji

As the most annual rainfall is predicted, Cherrapunji is one of the wettest places on earth. The Dain-Thlen, Kynrem, and Nohkalikai waterfalls, which are referred to be the well-known waterfalls of Cherrapunji, draw visitors from all over the world. The town is home to some of Meghalaya’s best waterfalls.

Living-Root bridges, Mawsmai cave, Seven Sisters Falls, Eco-park, and a garden of caverns are some of the main attractions in this area. As it is located in a forest, there are no luxurious accommodations available; instead, you can find Meghalayan resorts and hotels that are surrounded by nature, which are excellent places to stay with family and friends.

Specialty: A wide variety of attractions and mesmerising settings.
Wakaba Falls, Krem Mawmluh, Double Decker Living Root Bridges, and Nohkalikai Waterfalls are among the attractions.
Accommodations include the Polo Orchid Resort, Saimika Resort, and Jiva Resort Cherrapunjee.
How to get there: 166 km from Guwahati Airport, 79 km from Cherrapunji Umroi Airport.

2. Balpakram National Park

Visit Balpakram National Park when you are in Meghalaya; it is regarded as a traveler’s paradise. Many people who visit this location to discover the diverse biodiversity of Balpakram National Park refer to it as the “Land of Spirits.”

The opportunity to see species like the Red Panda, Wild Buffalo, Elephant, Tiger, Deer, Leopards, Wild Cows, Marbled Cat, and others makes it a haven for wildlife aficionados and photographers. Lesser Pandas, Indian Bisons, and Sterow are a few examples of rare species.

Tourists frequently compare this location to the Grand Canyon in the United States; it is one of the top sights to see in Meghalaya. It is one of Meghalaya’s best national parks, and you can readily find inexpensive lodgings here.

Feature: Abundant biodiversity
Location: Western Meghalaya’s Garo Hills
October to March is the ideal time to visit.
No entry fee

3. Shillong

One of the most well-known Meghalaya tourist destinations in the Northeast and the “Scotland of the East,” Shillong, is on everyone’s bucket list. Its forested hills, comfortable atmosphere, and visual splendour, which is far from the bustling life, draw numerous tourists from all over the world.

Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, Wards Lake, and Don Bosco Museum are just a few of the well-known tourist attractions in Shillong. Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal, and Langrim are the local tribes in Shillong.

Since Shillong is home to Meghalaya’s primary airport, it is also regarded as the state’s entry point. There are several activities available in Shillong to make your vacation unforgettable.

Natural splendour, well-known landmarks, and breathtaking vistas are its specialties.
Attractions include Shillong Peak, the Air Force Museum, Ward’s Lake, Elephant Falls, Sweet Falls, and the Don Bosco Museum.
Accommodations: The Loft – Executive Inn, Hotel Polo Towers Shillong, Pinewood Hotel, Tripura Castle.
East of the state’s capital, Meghalaya
September through May is the ideal time to visit.

4. Elephant Falls

The state of Meghalaya, which is evergreen and covered in dense forests, is renowned for its breathtaking waterfalls. At the foot of Meghalaya’s stunning Elephant Falls is a stone that resembles an elephant. Visiting here is among the best things to do in Meghalaya and is one of the most well-known falls in the North-East.

The nearby Khasi people referred to the magnificent Elephant Falls as “Ka Kshaid Lai Patang Khohsiew,” which means “The Three Step Waterfalls,” because they are composed of three magnificent falls that progress one after the other. The first of the three waterfalls is wide and concealed by tall trees.

Due to the retreating water levels, the subsequent fall diminishes to thin strands of water and is essentially insignificant in the winter. The third waterfall is the tallest and most easily seen with the unaided eye. In the background, clear water can be seen streaming like a sheet of milk and striking against rocks. One of the most popular sites to visit close to Shillong is this waterfall because of its spectacular surroundings and picturesque vistas.

Specialty: Surrounded by thick vegetation and provides breathtaking vistas.
12 kilometres away from Shillong
Best season to travel: monsoon

5. Double-decker Living Root Bridge

An Indian rubber tree’s roots were used to construct the double-decker living root bridge, which is located in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. The bridge is 3 km long and 2400 feet high. When the Umshiang river is flowing beneath the bridge and you are crossing it, the scenery is at its most beautiful. The oldest natural bridge, which dates back over 200 years, can only hold 50 people at once. On your honeymoon in Meghalaya, you must go here.

Tyrna is where the bridge’s journey starts, and along the way it travels across the Umshiang river. The journey to the precise location is not short. The descent to the bridge requires an incredible 3500–3600 steps on each route to the scaffold and once more from Tyrna, the base town, which is located 20 kilometres from Cherrapunjee, the main town. It is regarded as one of Meghalaya’s best tourist destinations.

The oldest natural bridge is a specialty.
Cherrapunji, Meghalaya is the location.
Best time to go: Anytime but May to September because it may be fairly slick.
Trek duration: 4–6 hours

6. Don Bosco Museum

Knowing about the state’s cultural heritage is something that many visitors are keen to do. Shillong’s Don Bosco Museum is a seven-story historical complex with 17 galleries featuring exhibits that walk you through Northeast India’s way of life.

Additionally, these galleries feature a varied assortment of artwork, antiques, clothing styles, weapons, and painstakingly crafted items that depict the traditions and cultures of the various tribes and individuals of Meghalaya. Another accolade for Don Bosco Museum is that it is among Asia’s top attractions.

Specialty: An accurate depiction of the state’s cultural past.
Location: Shillong, Meghalaya, East Khasi Hills
Entry Fee: Rs. 100 for Indians and Rs. 200 for foreigners

Explore Best Places To Visit In Meghalaya 

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