Famous Meghalaya Foods That You Must Try

One of the most vibrant siblings among the seven sisters of the Northeast is the state of Meghalaya. Blessed with natural beauty and tribal culture, it is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends or family members. 

After a year of doing it all together, a vacation in this Himalayan state is something that will rejuvenate your body and mind in the best possible way. While you are exploring the city of Shillong or soaking in Cherrapunji, trying the local delicacies is highly recommended.

 The cuisine of Meghalaya is so unique that you will be surprised by every dish you eat in any part of this beautiful state. As there are three main tribes in Meghalaya, the food eaten in villages and towns may differ depending on where you are. For example, people of the Khasi and Jaintia tribes would have a lot of bamboo branches when preparing their food.

 On the other hand, the Garos prefer to eat pork-based foods among other animal proteins. And yes, there’s more to it than momos! Mentioned below are 10 famous foods of Meghalaya that you should try on your next vacation:

1. Jadoh 

Jadoh is one of the most popular Khasi street food dishes in the state of Meghalaya. You will hardly find a person who does not like to eat this dish. It is such a popular dish that there is a restaurant in Shillong called Jadoh which is very popular with the locals.

 Those who are afraid of space may find this dish a bit daunting but actually, this red rice and pork preparation is mouth-watering! Spice lovers can get an extra helping of green chillies in their jadoh and soak it up with some chutney to make their palettes sing and dance.

2. Doh-Khalih 

Meghalayan cuisine celebrates pork in all its glory. Whether steamed, boiled, fried or grilled, pork plays an important role in many dishes eaten by the locals. One of these is Doh-Khalih, which is basically a salad made with pork, green chillies and onions. 

Now, this may sound like a simple dish to you but the wow factor is the local delicacy of pig brain, curry and serving of bread. The sheer magic of this traditional Meghalayan cuisine is an experience you must have on your next trip. 

While exploring Police Bazaar in Shillong, you can try the pork salad at Trattoria, a literal hole in the wall food joint that serves some of the best Khasi dishes in the city.

3. Nakham Bichi

Pescetarians or people who eat fish but not any other form of animal flesh can spend the time of their lives in Meghalaya. Many dishes are prepared by completely drying small fish. 

Nakhum is a type of dried fish that can be either fried or boiled to prepare soup or bichi. The idea behind this dish is to calm your nerves on a chilly winter night in Shillong.

 Eating this homemade soup with a group of friends is the ultimate way of life in Meghalaya. Don’t go to a commercial place for this as the food prepared at the small shack will taste better.

4. Whip up

Pumaloi is a staple food in Meghalaya at festivals and family gatherings. So, it would be a shame to miss this flavor when you are holidaying in this state during Shad Suk Mainsim, Shad Shukra or Bangla festival.

 The main dish of traditional pumaloi is powdered rice steamed in a special pot known as khiv rani. If a friendly Khasi aunty lets you into her kitchen, be sure to learn the recipe for this dish from her.

5. Forgetting 

For pork lovers, the upgraded version of Pumaloi is Pudoh. In Khiv Rani, this preparation is done in exactly the same way with steamed rice powder, but the extra pork pieces along with the curry take this dish to a whole new level! Chances of stuffing your mouth with a plate of Pudoh at a village carnival are so high it’s not even funny. Every bite of this delicacy will make you appreciate the simplicity of Meghalaya’s culture and traditions. This kind of food is the most satisfying, isn’t it?

6. Minil Tsonga

Meghalaya tour packages  that include food and places to eat local delicacies are the perfect choice for people who live for food. So, when you are planning your vacation in this state, it would be wise to do your homework on the most popular shacks, restaurants and even home chefs who will deliver food to your doorstep. 

Mini Songa is another famous food of Meghalaya that you must appreciate on your trip. Prepared by the Garo tribals, this is a glutinous rice delicacy that brings out the nuttiness in a highly aromatic manner.

7. Sing to the end

A fascinating aspect of the food in this state is the delicate balance between tribal and Asian influences. Travelers visiting other parts of Southeast Asia will notice that Meghalaya’s cuisine has certain dishes that are similar to theirs. 

Sakin Gata is a rice cake that will delight you as soon as you pop it in your mouth. This sweet dish consists of layers of rice and roasted sesame seeds and makes such a perfect blend of nutty flavors that just one bite won’t be enough for you. 

Celebrated as one of the main dishes on the plate of Meghalaya, Sakin Gata is a treasure that you must seek out at a local sweet shop as soon as possible.

8. Kyat 

When we talk about the famous food of Meghalaya, a mention of the local drink is essential. Kyat is a fermented rice beer that has a reputation for living up to even the dullest of parties! It is a unique alcoholic drink that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life in this state. Grabbing a big glass of kite and mingling with the locals will help you become part of the locale in no time.

9. Death

By now, you can understand the extraordinary nature of food in Meghalaya. However, this does not mean that local people do not eat their daily food. You will find many families relishing pork curry along with rice and dal. Dohneiong is another Meghalaya food that is found in all towns and villages. 

This fried pork is prepared mixed with green chillies, chillies, red onions and a thick gravy which is best enjoyed with a hot plate of rice. Since this is a filling dish, you   can have a bowl of it before your Meghalaya sightseeing expedition begins. You will be excited about your day tour.

10. Tungribai

The cuisine of Meghalaya is known for its nutritious features and Tungarimbai is the most apt example of it. A dish that makes you feel warm and happy, it is a traditional food of Meghalaya that must be tried at least once. You can find practically everything in it, from beans, onions, carrots, ginger, spices to boiled or fried pork.

 For vegetarians, you can skip the pork and have an extra portion of beans. After exploring all the places in Meghalaya  , you will surely love to hogging this local dish.

If you’re not drooling by now, your palate will literally have to move! Meghalaya’s delicious cuisine and its growing tourist attractions await your arrival. Plan your vacation and try the unique delicacies of this state.

11. Doh-Nyeong

Doh-nyong is a dish consisting of fried pork served in a rich, thick gravy that is generously flavored with green chilies, pepper, red onions, local spices and black sesame seeds. Black sesame is the hero of this dish which gives it its unique taste. If you love pork, this dish is not to be missed.

12. Tungribai

A humble daily meal of Meghalaya’s farming community, tungrimbai is made from fermented soybeans, boiled and minced pork, black sesame seeds, ginger and onion. All these are fried and sautéed together and the delicious mixture is simmered for some time to further enhance the flavor and taste.

13. Forgetting

Pudoh is a dish made of boiled, powdered rice with pieces of pork. The rice flour is steamed with small pieces of pork to add flavor. A rich curry is prepared to further enhance the taste. A hearty meal served at special occasions such as weddings and carnivals, it is a favorite among locals.

Famous Meghalaya Foods That You Must Try

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