Manipur delicacies that you should not miss!

The northeastern states or the Seven Sisters, as they are more popularly known, are the center of beauty. No, they are not just beautiful because of the sprawling tea gardens!. These unexpected states have a lot to offer tourists. One of these states

It is Manipur. Due to its natural beauty, it is called the “Land of Jewels”. It is the birthplace of Ras Leela, the classical Manipuri dance. Apart from this, Manipur is also famous for its delicious cuisine.

Food of Manipur is considered very healthy. Their preparation is simple and yet tasty. Most of the ingredients they use are organic which again contributes to the health factor.

Of course, the food here must be healthy, as the area has many hills and peaks that require good strength and agility to scale! Manipuri food should also be spicy and low in oil. Their secret is that they use chili instead of the usual garam masala powder that the rest of the country uses. So their food is considered healthy.

In short, the people of Manipur eat rice, fish, leafy vegetables etc. eat Also, they grow their vegetables in their gardens or fields and breed their fish in their backyard ponds. So, everything is organic. They use many herbs in their preparations, from mint and chives to pepper and basil. Keep reading for a list of Manipuri delicacies to try!

  1. Chamthong or Kangshoi – a healthy vegetable stew – famous food of Manipur
    This dish is very popular in Manipur. This is a vegetable stew. It consists of seasonal vegetables boiled and seasoned with onions, cloves, salt, garlic, maroi and a little ginger. This stew is served with rice or fish and is served hot.
  2. Eromba – A delightful combination of boiled vegetables and fish
    This is another favorite Manipuri dish. Their cuisine always includes fish called nagari. Aeromba is made by boiling a ton of vegetables with some fermented fish. It is mixed until the texture becomes like a paste. Finally, it is garnished with maroi and coriander leaves.
  3. Morok Metpa – A spicy and delicious chutney
    Just as Coriander Chutney is popular in the city of Mumbai, Morok Metpa Chutney is popular in Manipur! It is prepared using dried green chillies. Chillies are mashed into a paste and then boiled with some nagari fish. Once again, it is mashed and then sprinkled with salt. Enjoy it with all types of food.
  4. Singju – A famous Manipuri salad

Singju is a type of salad that is bursting with vegetables. It does not include some standard vegetables like tomatoes or onions. On the contrary, it includes cabbage, coriander, onions, ginger, lotus stalks, singju leaves and other similar vegetables. Various varieties of this dish include raw papaya, cabbage, banana flower, lotus root. Singju is flavored with gram flour, perilla seeds, chili powder and other herbs.

  1. Paknam
    Similar to pancake, paknam is a savory cake made from a thick batter of gram flour, herbs, vegetables and further flavored with chillies and traditional nagri. It is finally wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. It is considered a very delicious dish and is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike! This is a perfect dish for evening snacking!
  2. Chak-hao kheer – the most popular dessert in Manipur
    Chak-hao kheer is a delicious kheer that is prepared on many special occasions in Manipur. It is a pleasant shade of purple and is made using rice, milk and cardamom powder. It is usually garnished with dry fruits like raisins or other nuts. The taste of this kheer is delicious.
  3. Alu Kangmet
    Alu kangmet is a very simple dish, usually served as a side dish. Boiled potatoes are wonderfully mashed and mixed with fried red chillies, salt and mustard oil. It is definitely a simple yet nutritious dish.
  4. Nga-Thongba – A Classic Fish Curry

Fish curry is often considered a comfort food. It couldn’t be more appropriate in Manipur. Most of their preparations use fish. Nga-thongba is included in most non-vegetarian meals, especially those of the Meitei community. The fish is cut into bite-sized pieces and pounded to a certain extent. It is often flavored with crushed chilies and other spices to give it more flavor.

Just reading about the food of Manipur is not enough! Their cuisine deserves to be tasted. Besides, it’s also very healthy, so you don’t have to worry about eating bishund while you’re on vacation. So, when you head out to enjoy the natural beauty of the Northeast, you should visit Manipur and enjoy its delicacies.

Famous and local food of Manipur
Food in Manipur is simple, organic and flavored with local and exotic herbs. Relatively simple cooking methods and local and seasonal ingredients give the cuisine a unique flavor and aroma with perfect freshness and zest.

The main ingredients here are rice, fish, usually from the private pond near each house, potatoes and aromatic herbs and roots from their kitchen garden. Dishes are generally prepared without using any oil. Fermented nagri is a Manipuri favorite and a true local dish that cannot be missed.

The most essential dishes are naga-thonba (fish curry), ooty (a typical Manipuri vegetarian dish), iromba, chagem pomba (fermented soy, made with mustard leaves) and chamthong or kangshoi (which is a stew cooked with seasonal vegetables). of the area. Apart from local preparations, North-Indian and Chinese cuisines are also popular and enjoyed here.

Chagem Dove
People of Manipur love curry, so we must add another curry dish to our list. But this time, instead of fish, it’s soybeans and fermented too! Fermented soybeans, locally called hawajar and chagame, and rice and some spices are cooked in a large pot until it becomes a thick curry. If you visit Manipur during Ushop and Phiroi festival, you will see this dish being prepared in large quantities.

peruk kangsu
From fish dishes, it is time to shift to another veg dish. Peruq, the main ingredient of this dish, is a medicinal plant that is easily found in Manipur. In addition to paruk, boiled white peas, boiled potatoes and fermented fish sauce. No cooking is required other than boiling the potatoes and white peas. Just mix all the ingredients and take a bite. It’s like a healthy salad, isn’t it?

We have another salad for healthy eaters, Singju. The ingredients are singju leaves, cabbage, onion, tomato, lotus stem, raw papaya and banana flower. All these vegetables are ground and mixed with lightly toasted chickpea flour, sesame seeds, chillies, perilla seed powder and some herbs. And just like that Singu is ready. Yes, it’s super easy to make, but the layers of flavor and the crunch, yum-yum is the word!

This is a famous Manipur snack dish that you must try. It is like a Manipuri version of pancakes. The batter for this pancake is made with chickpea flour, vegetables, herbs, spices (including lots of chili) and fermented fish. But instead of pan-frying in oil, the pancakes are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Pakkam with a cup of hot tea or coffee and your evening snack is sorted!

Chuck-haw khir
We promised something for dessert lovers and now, we deliver! If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Kheer or Payash or Payasam is a famous Indian sweet. Many states have a special recipe for this dish. It is mostly cooked with rice, milk, sugar or jaggery and dry fruits.

A Manipur special food, chak-hao kheer is made with the same ingredients but what sets it apart from other recipes is its beautiful purple color. What better way to end your Manipur culinary journey than with this bowl of kheer!

Which famous Manipur dish from our list are you most excited to try? Whatever it is, give it. And when you are in Manipur, try as many dishes as you can. It will surely be a tasty journey!

Manipur delicacies that you should not miss!

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